Roulette table with Unlimited Stakes – No Limit?

One thing many roulette systems rely on is a progressive system, ie, after each losing bet, the player doubles his stake. The most famous one is the martingale. This is where you double up after every loss. eg, start with a pound on black/red. high/low or odd/even. If that wins keep it, if not double your bet to £2. If that wins, then start again at £1 else double up again and bet £4 on the next bet. The chances of 10 reds in a row is about 1 in 1346. Sounds great but that assumes you only do it once. If you continuously play then the chances of you hitting those 10 blacks in a row increase. For a more detailed discussion see this article on odds of 10 reds in a row. Basically, if you play long enough a streak of 10 reds will come out and bankrupt you. Casinos typically have a limit of £1000 or even £500 on even money bets to stop you continuing even if you could afford to wager the £2048 11th bet.

But what if the roulette table had no limit? What if your stakes were unlimited? This is where it gets interesting. Basically, this can beat the roulette table. The chances of 20 reds in a row is tiny and even in the long run, you’re unlikely to hit a streak of 20. You could theoretically make money if you could afford to go on betting that long. The problem is that, your 20th bet would be £33,554,432 if you started with £1, just to win your £1 back. So even if there was an unlimited stakes roulette table, you’d be likely to run out of money anyway.

A more interesting use of the roulette table would be the reverse martingale. This is where you double up after every win. Start with £1, if you win, then bet £2 on the next number, if you lose, start back at £1. On a no limit roulette table, you could theoretically win an unlimited amount if you were lucky enough to keep going (and have the nerve). Your losses would be just a combination of all those £1 you started your system with.

In the real world though, tables do have limits so it wouldn’t be possible to win an unlimited amount. On a £500 limit table, your 10th bet would take you to the house limit and your win would be £1000. The key is to find a table with a low minimum and high maximum bet. Sky Vegas do a 1p to £3000 low roller table. Thats an absolute massive difference in the smallest and biggest bets.

Be sensible with any system though. If you start at 1p, you’re unlikely to make anything worth while. Start too high and you’ll not be able to go as many rounds before the house limit gets you.

You could try a reverse martingale where you start with 10p and then double up all the way to £3000. On your 17th spin, you’d hit £3000 in bets and win £6000. Chances of winning 17 in a row are 0.000478854% (so practically nil) but if you do win, you turn 10p into £6000. Much better than doing the regular martingale system which has bankrupted many a player.

As with all roulette systems though, the average player is bound to lose in the long run. The house edge will get you and playing the reverse martingale is no different. You just need to get a lucky streak but do be prepared to lose a lot of pennies before you hit the jackpot, if you ever do. With the table having such a huge difference between that minimum and maximum bet though, the wheel at Sky Vegas Casino is the place to try out your systems.

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